Waikowhai School

Beach Haven Primary School, AK

Beach Haven Primary was looking for an alternative,  action oriented recreation option to engage students in school activities.  Using OnBoard Skate's "Skatesafe" skateboarding programme, Beach Haven school has been able to improve students physical activity levels, leadership skills, and personal and social development.

Waikowhai School, AK

Engaging students in education is a on-going challenge for many schools today. Thanks to the introduction of OnBoard Skate's kiwisport skateboard programme, Waikowhai students are now more actively involved in classwork.  

Marshall Laing School, AK

Engaging an ethnically diverse community in physical activity and traditional education, calls for a creative approach to learning.  Thanks to OnBoard Skate, Marshall Laing school found our skateboard programme to be the optimal solution to aid their students in their physical and emotional development.

Silverdale School, AK

Silverdale School was looking for a fun way to help students improve their resilience and perseverance as a means to enhancing educational outcomes. Establishing regular, student led lunchtime skateboard sessions was the ideal solution.

Community Programmes - Parent Interviews, AK

Parents are looking for a safe and inclusive sport or recreation environment where their child can participate with friends or siblings and achieve instant success. OnBoard Skate's community skateboard programmes provided the ideal solution for this group of working parents.

South Auckland Home School Sports

The ability of OnBoard Skate to deliver an action oriented, "cool"  programme for all students at a location that was convenient to the customer, proved to be the perfect fit for South Auckland Home school students and their parents.

Girls Skateboarding - Erin & Sasha

OnBoard Skate's "Girls only" skateboard programme provided a fun, safe and supportive environment for Sasha and Erin to learn the skills of skateboarding and build confidence and self-esteem to enable them to be able to become independantly active.

Olivia's Story

A remarkable story of how a young women - Olivia - who everyday has to contend with a range of emotional challenges - was able to overcome her fears thanks to skateboarding.

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